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Criminal Law Solicitors

All criminal proceedings start in the Magistrates’ Court. Some remain in this court and are concluded here, while more serious cases are referred to the Crown Court.

In the Magistrates’ Court the trial is overseen by three Magistrates or one District Judge, while in Crown Court the proceedings are overseen by a Judge and a jury of 12 people.

From our specialist knowledge and extensive experience we present the options available to our clients and advise on the best approach for them, ensuring their interests are fully protected. We ensure that supporting evidence is collected and that expert witnesses are instructed, where relevant.

For those that plead guilty, we prepare the case thoroughly, considering all points that need to be raised and argue the case on their behalf in court in order to achieve the most favourable outcome. For those that deny the charge, the prosecution need to be challenged in every detail and we have the knowledge and expertise to do this effectively.

We take a great deal of care in selecting the right criminal law solicitor or barrister to represent our clients in court, taking into account the specific details of the case in question. All our criminal solicitors and barristers are vastly experienced in presenting cases and dealing with difficult questions and fight hard on our clients’ behalf.

Fergal Bloomer heads the Magistrates’ Court Department.
Julia Morgan heads up the Crown Court Department.