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Legal aid, or public funding, is available for criminal cases if an individual does not have a certain level of income and if the case is sufficiently serious.

It is also available for anyone who seeks legal advice or representation while they are at a police station, if the allegation carries the potential of imprisonment. An individual is able to contact a law firm of their choice while at a police station and our criminal solicitors are on hand 24/7, 365 days a year, to support potential clients in such cases.

In cases where legal aid is not available we may be able to offer representation on a fixed fee basis. And in cases where the budget is limited, we can assist with specific areas, rather than the case in its entirety, such as certain paperwork or representation at particular hearings.

In cases where an individual is acquitted, we can seek a ‘defendant’s cost order’ where the Court can order a proportion of the solicitor’s and barrister’s fees to be paid by a Government agency.