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An encounter with the police can be very daunting and intimidating and most people will not know their rights, or the jurisdiction of the police who have a wide range of intrusive investigatory powers.

As one of the best solicitors in this area, we offer strategic and pragmatic advice on difficult situations our clients find themselves in including police cautions, bail, property searches and material seizing, DNA and fingerprint samples, the freezing and restraint of bank accounts.

  • Police cautions – people often think a police caution has no implications but in fact it does as it shows up on an enhanced CRB check. To anyone working in education or with children or the vulnerable, this can threaten their job. We can challenge this in the High Court, with the aim of having it rescinded.   
  • Bail – we make applications on our clients’ behalf to the Magistrates’ Court to reduce their bail conditions which can restrict their movements and activities for many months.
  • Material seizing – once a property has been searched and material seized (without any prior notice) we can challenge this in the County or High Court to request the material be returned before it has been reviewed by the police.
  • DNA and fingerprint samples – photos and fingerprints are taken upon arrest, possibly DNA too in certain circumstances, and we can request these records be destroyed for anyone not prosecuted.
  • Freezing of bank accounts – the police can put a hold on personal and business bank accounts without any prior warning. Sometimes the first our clients know of this is when the police notify them. We make applications on behalf of our clients to discharge such restraint orders.

We also offer representation during any questioning and can claim for damages arising from false imprisonment following wrongful arrest.

Matthew Birks heads up the Police Law Department.