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Motoring offence solicitors in Birmingham

This is a very specialised and technical area of the law and not all law firms are able to deal with motoring offences and prosecutions effectively.

Our team of specialist motoring offence solicitors has extensive training and experience in this area and can help in any matter from speeding to drink driving to incidents involving fatalities.

Our team work all over the county to defend motoring prosecutions and have an excellent track record of protecting our clients’ driving licenses. Even in the instance of a mandatory driving disqualification, we will aim to reduce the amount of disqualified time in order to minimise the disruption to our clients’ lives.

In more serious cases, with a risk of imprisonment, legal aid may be available, or the insurance company may cover the cost of representation. We will advise the funding options available and may be able to offer representation on a fixed fee basis.

Click here for our schedule of fees relating to motoring offences.

Drink driving

One of the most common motoring offences is drink driving and getting expert legal advice quickly could save your driving license.

Our specialist team of motor offence solicitors will investigate your offence and build a defence. A conviction will lead to a 12-month driving ban so it’s vital you contact us as soon as possible for assistance.